Strip Barcelonaled T5 22W 150 Cm

Consumption: 22 W (measured 23.3W)

Energy rating: A+

Equivalence: fluorescent 58W

Lumens: 1950

Color: 4000-4500K

Angle: 120 °

Power factor: > = 0.90 (measured 0.99)

Adjustable: No

Size: 1503 x 35 x 25 mm

Duration: 35000 hours

Price: €30.25

Source: Barcelonaled (China)

Strip Barcelonaled T5 22W 150 Cm

As an alternative to led tubes, we have the T5 strips that come with the case ready to completely replace the fixture that you have or for new installations. In this case it’s a strip of the AOSZX brand imported by Barcelonaled.

The Strip is small in size, is about 3.5 x 2.5 cm for what barely protrudes from the roof and can go unnoticed until it turns or it can also be placed on the top of furniture, cabinets, frames and cornices of the wall or any site that we want to illuminate “straight” and where we do not have enough space as to install e.g. a fluorescent with your luminaire.

Terminal block basically consists of a liston-disipador of aluminium which is the basis on which may be mounted on a strip of leds and an opal plastic diffuser to diffuse the light and does not bother to look directly into the leds.

The driver is mounted on the inner hole remaining in aluminium slat.

The Strip comes with the basics for installation: a couple of staples that you will have to screw to the ceiling, a cable with 3-pin connector to feed it and a plug to plug the unused end.

As a peculiarity, indicate that the 2 ends of the Strip have the same 3 pin connector and that with a special cable that you can buy separately can be chained in series several strips.

The data published here are them putting in own strip or sheet already on the website there are some incorrect data or that they do not match, in case of discrepancy I have chosen the more “conservative” value

The Strip on the inside

I could not open it at all because the opal diffuser seems difficult to remove the strip of aluminum without breaking something, but what if I did was open the ends, so I could see the serigraphy of the pcb of the led, which indicates that it has 120 leds.

Crunching numbers block measured consumption: 120 leds smd2835 by about 0.2W each leave 24W.

I’ve seen that in other websites that advertise equal or very similar strips indicate 24 or 25W with some variations in the technical data as for example that have 2000 lumens, lasting more than 50000 hours, angle of 180 °, etc. and prices vary from 25 to €40


After spending an hour on, heatsink temperature is maintained at about 37 ° C (the temperature of the leds at 40ºc), dissipation theme seems to be well resolved and I don’t think that problems of “overheating” there are.

Indicate that during testing if you plugged the power strip in the same outlet that a radio produced electromagnetic interference (I could hear noisy radio).

Surely the driver or the same Strip is not sufficiently insulated and having a straight strip of leds wiped power must act as “antenna” interfering with radio waves, or adding noise in the power line. I also have to admit that he didn’t have the ground wire connected and possibly if you connect interference and disappear the feeling of power that is noticeable if the sink is touched while it is plugged in…

Regarding the light-giving, ignites instantly and well lit inside the 120 ° which is opening, but note the difference between a fluorescent which illuminates in 360 ° since the sides gives less amount of light.

If you look at the ranking of bulbs, the Strip remains at the same level as 20W downlight also of Barcelonaled and would be 90 percent of what gives a fluorescent 36w with magnetic ballast.

The difference is that downlight shines from the point that is placed out of circular and strip having elongated shines more surface along a rectangular shape.

Can that you for high ceilings as a community parking alum good soil, but for low floor ceilings, light at only 120 ° makes look darker the ceiling and upper walls and general brightness sense is less than with a fluorescent (ranking not have in mind the light giving beyond the 90 ° with respect to the front)

In my case I compared it with a fluorescent luminaire that has the tube to the air and also illuminates the ceiling, if compared to other type of lighting fixture for example that is closed and has reflector which focus more light down results then Yes may be similar.