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Fujitsu LED Lighting

The Fujitsu forum took place from 19 to 20 November 2014: the opportunity for the Japanese company to present its latest innovations. There is, of course, LED to innovation that caught our attention. Fujitsu Laboratories, the research arm of Fujitsu, has developed…
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LED Lights for Outdoors Garden

Make yourself comfortable in a well decorated garden room! The garden, it is a lounge outdoors. It is the privileged space to meet with relatives, around a good wine at a barbecue. The contemporary and vintage are worth very, for example. It depends…
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Sports LED Lighting

Sports and LED: light at the service of your sports. In many articles of this blog, we talked about the benefits of LED technology at our indoor and outdoor lighting. We also talked about innovative ideas that brought the LED in…
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LED Candle Light Bulbs

LED candle. The led candle: the approximation of electricity and light The LED technology is the combination of light and electronics. Indeed, electricity used to serve the light by heating a filament which was the light source. From now on, it is…
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LED Green Technology Lighting

LED green, LED green technology Lighting with LED technology has many economic benefits obvious. These benefits are largely related to the low power consumption and long life LED bulbs. These benefits not only have an impact on your economies, but also on the ecology of our…
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Different Types of Electric Lamps

Electric lamps The term “bulb” is incorrect. He originally glass, flask-shaped, which made the object. We must talk about electric lamp, more general term, especially since the advent of compact fluorescent lamps, which have this form of light bulb.

LED Lighting Guide

History of LED LED (Light Emitting Diode-light-emitting diode) was invented in 1962 by Nick Holonyak, a consultant of General Electric. Initially there was no idea of the great development that would have such technology.

This Can Only LEDs

Very many possibilities in lighting technology offer only LED lamps. And these opportunities extend not only on the technology, but it starts with the durability, the use of areas and especially the power consumption.

How Durable are Led Bulbs

LED lamps are coming and solve household halogen lamps and energy saving lamps from. Through continuous improvement of LED technology people no longer need to mourn the old bulb: In terms of energy efficiency and environmental performance LEDs have long…
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Outdoor LED Hanging Chandelier

Or suspended from the wall, the chandeliers outdoor bring a fairy-tale in your spring and summer evenings outdoors, under the curtains of colored garden gazebo cream or around the wooden table in the balcony. Outdoor chandeliers, at each evening With…
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