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Ideas for Silent Created Documents

The servants mutes are pieces of furniture which are situated beside the bed and are generally deposited objects that may be useful to us at bedtime, when lifting or throughout the night, as in the case of lamps, water glasses, books and others. That’s your job, however we can combine usefulness decoration if we choose for a bedside table different than usual, that reflects our creative side and the environment we want to create in the room. There are various models and styles, some closer than others that…
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How to Make a Lamp with Paper and Iron

The lamp that we present below is very nice and hard to do. With only three steps you will have a paper and iron lamp. Also all the material you need you have at home, if not, the material is easily accessible. See the following article from a and learn how to make a paper and iron lamp.

How to Decorate the Fabric of a Lamp

How to decorate the fabric of a lamp? A unique way of decorating the House is do it yourself things, which is good to look on one hand and can save your money on the other hand. and in this case we show you how to make the fabric for a lamp. Not too…
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How to Clean a Dome Lamp

The lamps are indispensable elements in the decoration of our home, but to stay perfect, we have to know how to keep them in good condition, especially if they have dome. The dome lamps, as usual in bedrooms and living rooms, tend to fill with dust and dirt quickly, so it’s important to know a few tricks to keep them in perfect condition. So we explain to you how to clean the dome of a lamp depending on your material.

How to Make a Paper Lamp

The pleated lampshades made with wallpaper or present are very decorative and easy to accomplish. Might serve to match the decor of the room and update it when it is changed again. A wallpaper with a little drawing is a good…
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Wall Sconce

There is a wide variety of models of washers and they differ in size, appearance, design and type of lighting provided. As well as chandeliers, wall sconces are also essential for the General lighting in the living room. Find the perfect Wall Sconce with unmissable discounts here!   The artificial lighting in the form of chandelier, pendant, Wall Sconce or chandelier is extremely important for us to continue feeling comfortable when natural light can’t handle or is gone. Check out the tips, products and choose your wall sconce with up…
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The lamp is a decorative item essential to the home, especially in rooms such as living room, TV room and bedrooms. With it, any environment is more warm and cozy due to your brilliance to be lower and warm. Because of this, the lamp is the ideal companion for reading lovers or those who work and go to school late. Here you will find everything you need to know to choose the ideal lamp for your room.


When hanging lamps, most of us think of fancy crystal chandeliers, and in how they are bright in the magnificent ceilings of the halls of the most beautiful palaces. Chandeliers symbolize a noble style of living. So many people like to decorate your room with a variant of these and add a touch of elegance to the composition.


Lamps and lights are very important elements in the design and decoration of all areas of the House, since it is precisely the different types of lights and lighting that influence the general atmosphere and environments affect our moods.   Thinking in natural light, quickly understand the influence that the lights have about us and our homes, especially by the intensity and heat, the lights themselves. When I got up in the morning and the first rays of sunlight come in by the window, we…
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Fun, romantic, ornate, traditional, purist: a chandelier can be found in a variety of styles and your visual can influence drastically in the aspect of decoration. So, the chandelier is a type of lamp that must be chosen with attention and affection.

Light Fixtures

One of the most important factors at the time of decorating is the lighting. Through it, distribute the light in the environment according to our need and desire in addition to accentuate and highlight and even hide certain points of…
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How to Choose Night Light

Choose Night Light

His little reassuring light hunting monsters! Our selection of lights for nights without a shadow of a nightmare. Recently, your child has trouble getting to sleep. He wants to let his open bedroom door and the hallway light.

Mona Lisa Lighting

The Mona Lisa Small reminder of this famous painting of Leonardo da Vinci: the 16th century, it is probably Florentine Lisa Gherardini, wife of Francesco del Giocondo. It was made for François 1er, and is now exhibited at the Louvre Museum in…
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