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Tom Rossau Design

Tom Rossau is a lighting design company, created by renowned designer with the same name Tom Rossau in 2004, headquartered in Copenhagen in Denmark.   The company on your most resembles an open world and creative through the symbol of…
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Brighten up Your Hobby House in Summer

Participate in the hobby is very simple and just need to follow the following steps:   -LIKE: the Facebook page of MOYO and Luminart Concept;   -COMMENT: in the comments section of the hobby the best combination of Colors as you can for a wreath. Click here to see available colors.

Lighting-Prizes First Half

HOMES & GARDENS DESIGNER AWARDS 2015   Michael Anastassiades won the 16th edition of Homes Gardens Designer Awards 2015 & as best lighting designer, with the light String Light. The jury recognized the incredible ability of Anastassiades in create and…
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Lightyears Presents Lighting News

We’re fans of Lightyears. We present some of your news. It’s about Caravaggio Read and reprint of the Orient Black.   Caravaggio Read is the new lamp of already recognized Caravaggio lamps line of designer Cecilie Manz. The Caravaggio Read are small lamps with a simple design and super minamalista. The light intensity can be adjusted, so that we can aim the light where you want it.

And There was Light

Lighting is one of the most important steps in the decoration.   A modern décor side is undoubtedly present in lamps and a good choice and distribution of light can make a warm and harmonious. ​ These are called much attention and are often the main character and the that define our personality. We suggest some…

New Collection of Lamps Caravaggio Read

It’s amazing to see the difference that a lamp can do. With the right lighting can have a perfect space for everything from reading a book, preparing dinner or snuggle up on the couch.   The innovative inspiration and sense of detail is repeated again in the new lighting design Cecilie Manz for Lightyears in 2016.

How to Make a Lamp with Bottles

Join the recycled decor! More and more people choose to reuse objects that do not use or that have finished your life so as to give them a new use the aesthetic level, so that your home purchase a light of its own. In the case of glass bottles, which can be used for other functions such as only contain liquids in your interior, now converted into lamps, picture frames, flower pots, etc. In this article from a we show you specifically how to make a lamp with bottles, giving you different options that can fit…
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How do Luminaire with Pet Bottle

The reuse of pet bottle is increasingly fashionable and there are many ideas and functions that can give the bottles used. In addition to helping to preserve the environment, you can achieve very distinctive decorative objects without spending money! In this article we teach you how to make lamp with pet bottle, a nice idea that’s going to be wonderful in your home!

How to Make a Chandelier for Christmas

Time to decorate the table for Christmas dinner, there are many options among which we can choose to create a Christmas atmosphere at mealtime, as centerpieces, candles, decorated with pine cones and Christmas decorations also light fixtures. As for the lamps, know that you can do them yourself by reusing materials that I’m sure have at home such as beverage bottles, glass jars or string. Continue reading this article a and learn how to make a lamp for Christmas.

How to Make a Lamp

A very fun and interesting experience is the one which we present below. It is likely that you have already done a socket in high school and have been surprised. It’s not magic, it’s science. And we can apply what we learn to our daily life. What we teach is to make a base to attach the lamp and turn…
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How to Make Salt Lamp

  When it comes to night we need to connect the light to continue to do what we’re doing. But what if the current General is broken? We light a candle or a lantern. And if there is something better? In a we explain how to make salt lamp, a pretty cool experiment, easy to do and it can be quite useful on a night without light.

How to make a Lightsaber

  The light saber is one of the most famous props throughout the community for fans of science fiction movies. Any Star Wars fan knows the infamous object that complete any Jedi costume. If you’re an aficionado of the saga and I would like to have a light saber made by yourself without freshness, this article is for you. One of the advantages of making a homemade light saber is the opportunity to customize, using any color you like and decorating according to your preferences. Prove that you are worthy of this mission and learn…
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How to Make Christmas Lights with LEDs

Without doubt the lights are one of the main decorations of our homes for Christmas. Within the group, the Led lights are the most important for two reasons: durability and costs. Are lights that last a long time and who spend little. In this article we will explain to you how  can do Led décor with their bare hands and from your home.

How to Make Home Made Bike Lights

Bicycle lights are important for safety reasons, both for you and for those who are to your surroundings. When the sun goes down is the only way, or even better, to know that there’s a person and your location. In this article, show how to make home made bike lights, so that may be installed for you.

As the Light Plays with the Water

When you look at the still water of a swimming pool, watertight or pond, you can see your face reflected in it. The water acts as a mirror. If you look up while underwater, the top of it also will act as a mirror. Try the following to learn about how the light plays. With this experience, you will have fun and learn new things. See the following article to a if you want to know how the light plays with the water.

How to Make Colored Lights

Before making this object, you must do the Nightlight we teach in this post, since this is essential to create the colored lights. Connect the cable and turn the box so that the light color change do it to work in the dark or use it for signaling. It is easy to make at home. See the article from our website and find how to make colored lights.

How to Save Money on Light Account

The news about the increases in electric rates generate always concern and whether you like it or not, these desiquilibram increases the budget and thicken the accounts at the end of the month, so it’s important to take some smart steps to avoid unnecessary expenses. We will give you some suggestions for you to find out how to save on the electric bill.