No Lighting Is Complete Without a Desk Lamp

Table lamps are a simple and elegant to transform your home and the way you see every detail and, as you know, are the small details that make all the difference in the time to create a little corner for reading, a cozy space, or even a productive home office.

No Lighting Is Complete Without a Desk Lamp 1

The charm of table lamps

In a world dominated by chandeliers and impressive, pendant lights incredibly creative and sconces more of that bold, few fixtures combine the charm of timeless fascination and modern smart functionality, such as our beloved and always useful desk lamp.
Capable of amazing effects, a desk lamp, when well chosen and placed, can bring symmetry, color, contrast, texture and, of course, light, in any environment. In addition, a beautiful desk lamp has the power to transform a space drab and boring in a place warm and inviting or even joyful, and exciting. All of this in a practical and timely, as the whole object of design should be!

No Lighting Is Complete Without a Desk Lamp 2

Tips for getting the right choice of your desk lamp

The first step to making a good choice is to decide where you will put your desk lamp and set the exact height in which it will be, by looking at the functionality, in accordance with the distance from the bed, chair or sofa where you will accommodate at her side. Or corner and trimmer, to an effect of the most scenic in the environment.
Another important point is the size of your desk lamp. A rule of thumb, the ideal is to choose a lamp in which the lower portion of the focus of the light is to be on the same level of your eyes when you are sitting or lying down, regardless of the environment that she will compose.

No Lighting Is Complete Without a Desk Lamp 3

Types of light

The technology and the design are wonderful and thanks to them you can find light fixtures for tables of various sizes, materials, colors, designs and styles, from the most classics to the most contemporary, but when it comes to light, there are only two type of desk lamp: emitting light headed and emitting diffuse light.
The table lamps that have direct light, or directed, are those that focus their light directly on an object or surface and are perfect to illuminate your work desk, study or, who knows, where you give life to your hobby preferred, how to draw, sew, or do crafts, for example.
If you have a home office, a corner to read or a nightstand next to the bed, the lamp light is directed is what you need!
The table lamps that have diffuse light, use a diffuser to soften and spread the light. When this diffuser is a dome, the light becomes in our known lampholder.
Spreading this type of light fixture for the environment, you leave it much more warm and cozy.

It’s your time

Now that you know a little more about the table lamps, the time has come to choose your, and, here, on the Ouse, the options you have left. Enjoy!