4 Errors of Residential Lighting That You May Be Committing

In addition to improving the visual impression of the environment, and to ensure safety in the installation, opt for good lighting products will generate good economy in the end of the month. There are some common mistakes residential lighting that you can be making and that may affect the functionality and economy of lighting. To watch them and consider re-evaluate their practices.

4 Errors of Residential Lighting That You May Be Committing

1st error

Searching for the kinds with lower prices to save money.

This is the biggest mistake that you can commit. Not good to opt for cheap products that the effectiveness and durability of them are not efficient. The LED bulbs, for example, are the best cost-benefit of the market, so much more advantageous to invest, the quality and effectiveness of the product ensure more savings on the electricity bill!

2nd error

Do not check the electrical installation!

Ensure frequent repairs in wiring is essential to prevent accidents. Periodically it is important to check the voltage, and the presence of bare wires, and hire also a specialized service to perform the repairs. Problems such as leakage of electricity can make the bulbs burn frequently.

3rd error

Do not consider the functionality of the environment to choose the bulbs!

Each site asks for a type of different lighting that meets the real needs. Work places, dimly lit for example, atrapalhariam the performance of a company. Even in residential lighting it is important to choose products that also assist in the functionality of the environment will propose the economy, durability and installation safety.

The 4th error

Do not evaluate the heat emission of the lamp common

The only type of lamp that does not propagate heat to the environment is with LED technology. Evaluate this at the time of choice is extremely important, especially in periods of hot, such as summer. In addition to the discomfort caused by heat up the environment , light bulbs that emit heat are not very effective since a good part of the energy consumed by them does not turn on lighting, or is, the last little bit and generate high values in the energy bill.

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